Are You Getting #Stimulated?


Congress finally managed to work together to pass a $900 billion economic relief package late Monday night. This is exciting to many people as this means many Americans will receive a second stimulus check from government. However, it’s not the amount that people might have hoped for. informs

You Definitely Shouldn’t Believe Everything You See on YouTube


I was watching Proactive Thinker about two weeks ago and saw a very interesting video suggesting the Stock Market will crash after the election. I enjoy the videos on Proactive Thinker a lot and usually agree with his content. But I disagreed strongly with the first half of his video…

Let’s At Least Pretend This Is A Normal Election Cycle


Normally in my blogs, we discuss personal finance topics like building an emergency fund, paying off debt, and growing wealth through investing. But today I’d like to pivot a bit to something on most American’s minds. With just 7 days until Election Day as of this writing, I’d like to…

How Dems second stimulus plan could affect your wallet

At the time of this writing (June 2020), most eligible Americans have received their portion of the $1200 stimulus payment from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. …

The Debt Snowball is the easiest way to make your debt history!

Adulting is HARD! And there are just so many bills to keep up with: rent/mortgage, car note utilities, household bills, and those dreaded student loans! All those bills when combined with your basic living expenses make it hard to enjoy life.

Many people manage their debt by trying to pay…

Keith McBride

Personal finance adventurer | I’ve made some mistakes on my journey. I’ve learned from them. Maybe you can too.

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